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To get started with Revenue Results, first there should be an understanding of the software terms and relationships.    Revenue Results is designed to assist in the Collection of outstanding debt.  The system will store the demographic information for the Debtor (Defendant) and the data about their specific Account (Case).  

Terms in Revenue Results:
Debtor- person or company that owes money to your agency
Account- describes the case, fee, judgment etc. that causes the debtor to owe money.
Line items- describe how the money on the Account is broken down (Dollar Buckets)

Main Support Line:

All Support Team Members (866) 684-7387
Chris Stickney (Support) Ext. 5673
Angel Davis (Support) Ext. 5756
Brooks Robinson (Support) Ext. 5748
Kellie Mendenhall (Consultant)      Ext. 5676
Aaron Burge (Installation) Ext. 5710


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